About Us

The idea for BotLogic.us was born on the beaches of sunny Key Largo, Florida, where the Dolphin Micro team had gathered for its annual retreat.

Inspired by the growing need for kids to learn computer programming, a small group of Dolphin Micro developers pitched the concept for an app that would help players develop the logic and spatial reasoning skills they’d eventually need to learn to code. But we weren’t alone. Two other development teams had app ideas of their own, so Dolphin Micro staged a contest to determine which of the apps could earn the most pre-market support.

Guess what? We won! After generating nearly twice the interest of our closest competitor, the BotLogic.us team was awarded the funding necessary to build our game.

We knew that in order to engage kids (and adults) and keep them playing, BotLogic.us needed to be both fun and challenging. Thanks to the efforts of our hardworking development team and some very enthusiastic young testers, we’re proud to bring you a puzzle game we think is pretty sweet.

We’re committed to making BotLogic.us the best logic game on the web, and we’re constantly working to bring you cool new features and even more challenging levels. Your feedback is always welcome! Just as we couldn’t have brought BotLogic.us to life without our supporters, we can’t make BotLogic.us the best it can be without your input.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!

The BotLogic.us Team